Private Training

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In one on one training, you will gain knowledge on why you have a program, how it is best to approach your goals, gain tools and education to help understand the fitness realm and avoid unnecessary information that saturates the fitness world.

By working with a highly certified strength and conditioning coach you will understand that getting to your fitness and health goals is a lifestyle built on knowledge and correct movement literacy. There will programmed progression. There won’t be a single day you come in where you do any exercise that does not have a purpose.

*Programs are provided at no additional charge to complement your training with me.


$50 – $75 per session

Small Group Training



Small group (3 to 5 clients) with minimum 8 sessions a month on fixed times. Idea behind Small group coaching is to great independence and self motivation, and sometimes adding a little social feeling and community support. Small group training works best with a little more advanced individuals who have the desire to take it to the next level. 

My coaching experience allowed me to work with many sports teams and small group setting, where the environment needed much control as the pace had to be dedicated. The small group setting is the best setting for many clients to help them move, train, think, and prepare like athletes who take care of their bodies and health.


$180 – $200 a Month

Online Programming

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Based on the principles of our in-person coaching program, remote online coaching will help you reach your goals with smart-based, science-proven, thoroughly thought program.

The realm of online coaching has grown over the past years; as a result, seeking highly motivated clients to learn and advance on their goals online is a service provided for those qualify.

Every client and/or athlete is unique, so knowledge of time, place, equipment access and fitness levels will all be covered. Various forms of communication will be established to best insure individualizing the program. 


75$ – $150 a program*